Short Stories

‘Seals and Swans’ (2022), Fairlight Books Short Story Portal, free to read online.

‘I married my wife’ (2022), runner-up in London Lit Lab’s flash fiction Queer Storytelling Competition, free to read online.

Academic and Non-Fiction


A Progressive Education? How Childhood Changed in Mid-Twentieth-Century English and Welsh Schools (Manchester University Press, 2020).

Journal Articles and Chapters

‘State of the field: the modern history of childhood’, invited review article, History, 107, 378 (2022), pp. 949-964. [Open Access]

‘”What a difference it was to be a woman and not a teenager”: adolescent girls’ conceptions of adulthood in 1960s and 1970s Britain’, Gender and History, 34, 2 (2022), pp. 495-513. [Open Access]

‘”The school that I’d like”: children and teenagers write about education in England and Wales, 1945-79’, in Siân Pooley and Jonathan Taylor eds., Children’s Experiences of Welfare in Modern Britain (IHR Conference Series, 2021). [Open Access]

“We have come to be destroyed”: The “extraordinary” child in science fiction cinema in early Cold War Britain,History of the Human Sciences, 34, 5 (2021), pp. 8-31. [Open Access]

Education, parenting and concepts of childhood in England, c. 1945 to c. 1979,’ Contemporary British History, 31, 1 (2017), pp. 24-46. [Open Access]

The psychologist, the psychoanalyst and the “extraordinary child” in postwar British science fiction,’ Medical Humanities Special Issue, ‘Science Fiction and the Medical Humanities’, 42, 4 (2016), pp. 4-9. [Open Access at Oxford University depository]

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‘“That was what life in Bridgeburn had made her,”: reading the autobiographies of children in institutional care in England, 1918-1946’, Twentieth Century British History, 24, 3 (2013), pp. 351-75.

Other Articles and Blog Posts

‘Should school students get a say? Why fifty years of “pupil participation” hasn’t changed the UK education system – and what we might do differently’, History & Policy policy paper, 25th July 2022.

‘The Midwich Cuckoos: what the latest remake tells us about our fears for the next generation,’ The Conversation, 22nd June 2022.

Spare Rib, Shocking Pink and the politics of age in 1980s feminism’, Changing Childhoods blog (2021)

British adolescent pupils write about age, 1962-4,’ Secondary Education and Social Change blog (2019)

“Kindred to its soil”: educating Welsh children in post-war Wales’,  Four Nations blog (2015)

“Children” and the nanny state: shifting the boundaries of adolescence’,  History & Policy opinion piece, December 2013. 

Michael Gove’s education policies would look old-fashioned in the 1950s’, the Guardian, 27th May 2013.