20 Books of Summer 2022: The Rereading Version


I’m having a go at Cathy’s (746 Books) 20 Books of Summer challenge for the sixth year running! The challenge starts on Wednesday 1st June and finishes on Thursday 1st September.

 However, this year I’m FINALLY doing something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and turning it into a rereading challenge. My only rule is that I must read 20 books that I have read before. Other than that, I’m going to allow myself to choose the books as I go along.

I love comparing Past Me’s and Present Me’s thoughts on books, so I’ll either check in with earlier reviews of the titles I choose, or, if I didn’t review them at the time, I’ll make sure to write down a few thoughts before I begin my reread. (Often what I remember from books is totally random, e.g., the only thing I recall from Barbara Kingsolver’s classic The Poisonwood Bible is to stick your elbows out if you’re at risk of getting crushed in a crowd, so you get lifted up rather than pushed down…)

Are you doing 20 Books of Summer 2022? Would you ever be tempted to throw some rereads into the mix?

Have you reread anything especially good recently?

On the other hand, have you ever reread a book and found it disappointing?


21 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer 2022: The Rereading Version

  1. Ooooh, BRILLIANT! I will look out for your reviews with great anticipation! As you probably know by now I love a re-read and I love reading about a re-read and how the book has changed in the interim.

    I had some disappointments last year with Anne Tyler, esp Morgan’s Passing, which I remember loving but now creeped me out. Middlemarch I have read a few times in different decades of my life and it amazed me how it changed from being about love to being about death duties to being about politics! And of course I re-read Iris Murdoch once every ten years or so and watch as the novels shift in my mind as to my favourites or less-favourites.

    Have fun!

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  2. I did the 20 Books of Summer two times in the past, and both times I felt like I was drowning for how fast I had to go! I think it would have been easier if I didn’t write a full review for each book. I really, really want to re-read some of my books, especially ones that have shaped me but that I read before I started a blog. I can remember quite a bit of them, and some I’ve read more than once. However, I’m trying to get through a pile of physical books I own to make some more space on the bookshelf. Good luck!

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