20 Books of Summer, 2017

20-booksOnce again, I’m picking up the 20 Books of Summer challenge from Cathy at 746 Books. I enjoyed this last year – here’s my old list and reviews. I dumped two of my choices last year – The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann and The Master by Colm Toibin – so I’ll be borrowing another idea from Cathy and choosing two reserves.

So, my 20 + 2 books are as follows:

  • Swallow: Sefi Atta
  • The Sellout: Paul Beatty
  • An Ice-Cream War: William Boyd
  • The Clocks in this House All Tell Different Times: Xan Brooks
  • The Hate Race: Maxine Beneba Clarke
  • Hild: Nicola Griffith
  • The Fifth Season: NK Jemisin
  • Orangeboy: Patrice Lawrence
  • Black Water Rising: Attica Locke
  • The Gracekeepers: Kirsty Logan
  • Embassytown: China Mieville
  • Augustown: Kei Miller
  • Paradise: Toni Morrison
  • The Bone Readers: Jacob Ross
  • The Comet Seekers: Helen Sedgwick
  • Swing Time: Zadie Smith
  • Waterland: Graham Swift
  • The Lauras: Sara Taylor
  • House of Names: Colm Toibin
  • Mrs Dalloway: Virginia Woolf

plus two reserves:

  • The Sunlight Pilgrims: Jenni Fagan
  • The Mare: Mary Gaitskill

With an eye on my New Year’s Resolution to read more books by writers of colour, 10 of the 20 books (50%) are written by men or women of colour. And unusually for me, 8 of the 20 (40%) are by men. Usually – without any deliberate planning – I read two books by women for every one I read by a man (33.3%), so male writers are getting slightly more of a look-in here (though many of the books by men also feel like the ones most likely to be replaced by a female wild card, so watch this space…)

Unrelatedly, I’ve finished my Baileys Prize shortlist reading, so expect a review of The Dark Circle and a rankings post on Friday.

What summer reading is everybody else planning?

15 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer, 2017

  1. So many of these are so good. I can vouch for Hild (brilliant), Orangeboy (ditto), Black Water Rising, Embassytown (also brilliant), Augustown, Swing Time, House of Names, Mrs. Dalloway (of course) and your two reserves! Your summer reading is going to be great.

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