What’s up next on the blog? May-June

DSC01825I usually try and create some kind of schedule for my blogging adventures, but I haven’t got a plan for the whole month ahead yet. I can tell you that I will be putting up new posts on Mondays and Fridays, and that Monday posts will be my ‘Monday Musings’ (brief first thoughts, arguments, rants and raves) while Friday posts will be more substantial book reviews or posts on historical research. Coming up for the next fortnight is as follows (some of these posts will be given better titles nearer the time!):

Friday 29th May: Monograph Review: Angela Davis, Pre-School Childcare in England, 1939-2010: theory, practice and experience

Monday 1st June: Monday Musings: The difficulty of writing teenagers

Friday 5th June: Laura Rereading: LM Montgomery, Emily’s Quest

Monday 8th June: Monday Musings: The PhD and academic self-confidence

Friday 12th June: Fiction Review:  Sara Novic, Girl at War

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